About VIP

Our Mission

VIP is a team of professionals wholeheartedly dedicated to helping individuals, family members, friends and business associates affected by addictions, substance abuse, and/or mental illness. We are committed to educating those we serve, motivating them to take action, and safely assisting them in activating the appropriate systems for treatment and support.

A troubled young man stares at his locker
A concerned mother wonders how to handle her son's drug addiction.
A family joins together (with the help of Vital Intervention Professionals) to help their loved one beat this addiction.
After treatment, the family is on the road to recovery and happy once again.

Educate.  Motivate.  Activate.

Our Team

VIP has an exceptional team of professionals that have personally experienced intervention, often the first step toward healing and recovery. We know what it feels like to have a family member, friend, or business associate engaged in behaviors which are destructive, dangerous and life threatening. Our own personal experiences and a strong desire to assist others make us uniquely qualified to bring the message of hope to others.

VIP has the resources to handle all types of crisis situations. Our experienced team of professionals undergoes comprehensive training and holds certifications and/or licenses in their respective states.


Debra K. Knauss

Debra K. Knauss has worked in the field of addiction in numerous facilities providing inpatient, outpatient and extended care treatment. She has served in various capacities including CEO of an international treatment center and counselor in the Texas Department of Corrections system. In addition to being a licensed Registered Nurse for the past 20 years, she is an internationally recognized public speaker whose forte is the disease of addiction and the importance of family involvement in the addict’s recovery. She received celebrated national attention when she shared her own personal journey on the Dr. Phil Show as a normal mother dealing with her son’s struggle with drug and alcohol abuse.

Her exceptional approach to educating and motivating people to take action is merely one method of how she assists those in need of support. Her passion for helping those in trouble is evidenced by the many presentations she has made both nationally and internationally. She is a frequent guest on radio and television programs on the topic of addiction.

In recent years Debra Knauss has served in an advisory capacity on the Houston Council on Alcohol & Drugs, while being a Board Member of the Katy Independent School District Safe & Drug Free Task Force. She was Chairman of the Celebrate Recovery program of the Houston Astros, which is part of the Johnson Institute of Washington D.C. Debra Knauss is listed in Who's Who Among Executive & Professional Women in Healthcare & Nursing.

Brandon Knauss

In addition to annual inspirational appearances on the Dr. Phil Show, Brandon Knauss is a nationally sought after motivational speaker on the subject of addiction, intervention and the advantages of sobriety. Brandon regularly addresses high school and college students, corporations and varied organizations about his efforts in the field of specialized family interventions relating to drug and alcohol addiction. Beyond his speaking engagements, Brandon also is a preferred interventionist, having worked with prestigious hospitals and treatment facilities such as The Menninger Clinic, La Hacienda, Sierra Tucson and the Betty Ford Clinic in Palm Springs. He has the exceptional gift of being able to connect with families by being simultaneously firm and sensitive, making clear the complexities involved in both treatment and family obligation to aid the addict. Brandon has attained success time and again with his approach; he makes a complicated situation comprehensible and workable.

While embracing his work to inspire families and individuals in need of guidance, Brandon incorporates his own life-lessons, not the least of which was a six month stint in the Texas Correctional System. Hard-hitting, and gritty with authenticity, he conveys his tale of being educated through the horrific personal experience of unaided detox and grueling incarceration. He educates from the mind and from the heart, a technique that makes his young voice utterly unique.

Brandon Knauss is the co-founder of VIP Consulting, LLC, a highly regarded intervention and recovery services organization that services clients throughout North America.


Douglas E. Knauss

Doug brings to VIP 30 years of international and domestic experience with several Fortune 100 companies. Doug's background includes business development, operational effectiveness and utilization of technology.  Doug has been actively involved in the addiction and mental health industries for the past 10 years.  He is currently certified as an Anger Management Resolution Therapist with The Center for Anger Resolution and has experience with the leading behavior intervention models.

Doug earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Kansas State University.