Transporatation Services

VIP transportation service is valuable for the safety of the individual seeking treatment, the individual moving from facility to facility, the individual moving to a higher or lower level of treatment, and the individual returning home from treatment.

We treat every individual with the dignity and respect they deserve. Our transport specialists are trained and experienced in working with people in recovery or with special needs; we assist them during this vulnerable transition period.

We are equipped to provide first class, luxury accommodations when requested. Safety is always our primary concern.

Why Are Transporation Services Important?

A 45-year-old woman died on her way to treatment for chemical dependency on September 28, 2008 in the Phoenix Sky Harbor airport. This 105 pound mother of three was traveling unescorted and alone from New York City to Phoenix, Arizona. She had no one to advocate on her behalf. Noah Gotbaum told a Phoenix airport operator that his wife was distraught after being bumped from a flight and that her situation was a "medical emergency," not a case of "someone who's just drank too much."

Gotbaum in police custody in Phoenix, Arizona, just prior to her death.

Video shows Carol Ann Gotbaum being arrested at a Phoenix airport shortly before she died while in custody.

Don't Let This Happen To Your Loved One!

Let us help ensure that your loved one arrives safely at the treatment facility. Please call 1-888-536-7847 for more information on our transportation services.